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Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by tjohnusa, May 2, 2018.

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    I have a LG 43uj6300 4k tv and want to run the audio to my 2 channel stereo. I am using a xbox one s as my digital source. I am using this converter since there isn't a line out or earphone jack on the tv this is the only way to get external audio. The first time I set this up I used the optical from the xbox and got audio but the sync was off with video so I ran optical out of the tv and could not get any sound. I used same optical cable and am getting light in it. I used a different cable from xbox and it is working so the problem seems to be the tv. I doubt LG uses some esoteric type of coded digital but am at a loss to understand why I get nothing. Any ideas? Thanx


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  2. Silentnet

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    Look in the sound options on the tv, there's probably a format setting or similar. PCM, etc. Fiddle with that.
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  3. whoaru99

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    The converter you have is just a DAC, and works only with PCM signal. If the TV output is bitstream you will get nothing from the DAC because it is incapable of decoding a (Dolby Digital, et al) bitstream.

    Be sure the audio digital output from the TV is set to PCM.
  4. Tim64

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    I have the FIO on my newer Samsung, works like a champ after you set it to PCM on the digital audio out.

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