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Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by Noisypot, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Noisypot

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    I tried to get an old m-audio card to work in Windows 7 but the drivers I found wouldn't work. I'm not a gamer but appreciate good sound. Would someone like to suggest a good quality card that won't break the bank ?
    Another question: Is this posted in the right place ?

    Just in case you're curious ..... the card will send the audio through an old Sansui amplifier and then on to some air suspension speakers. Thanks for reading



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  2. JoeESP9

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    Why not buy an inexpensive USB DAC? The Behringer UCA-202/222 <$30 @ Amazon. ASIO drivers are included.
    FWIW: I have a UCA-222.

    If you're using Win 7 install the drivers before connecting the DAC. Connect the Behringer to a tape loop and you can treat it and the PC as if it's a tape deck. The UCA-202/222 will allow recording and playback at 16/44.1KHz and 16/48KHz.
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  3. xero-D-hero

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    Agree,I'd go with an external DAC,you'll surely be skipping ahead a chapter or two in the digital audio handbook.
    Can be any interface really including USB ~ optical ~ coax depending on what sorta outputs the PC (mobo ?) has available.
    And there are other options in that respect as well,as there are cards/interfaces that have some/all of those various outputs as well.

    Anyhow it'll help speed things along nicely if we knew specifically what sorta computer we're talking about using here.
    It'll also help folks here to know what sorta resolution your listening material is.


    Bret P.

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