Needlestein retip

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by yonder, May 16, 2018.

  1. yonder

    yonder AK Subscriber Subscriber

    kansas City area
    Just received my Empire 4000d1 from Needlestein and must say he did an excellent job. Thank you Sir!
    From all the positive results and his willingness to share his experiences I believe Needlestein should have his own sticky where he can talk about the experience with each cart he retips. I doubt many would mind the fact he may be making a little side money. Big deal. Read back through all his posts and you might feel as I do and that is, he's earned a higher status than just a good AK'er. Knowing what works and what doesn't may save many of us from wasting time and money. And it would be easy to find.
    Thanks again and good job man!


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  2. MRL_Audio

    MRL_Audio AK Subscriber Subscriber

    St. Chuck, MO
    ^^^ what he said. My experience is the same.
  3. revox-b77

    revox-b77 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Fingerlakes, NY
    ^^^ ^^^ what he he said. My experience is the same.
  4. mkane

    mkane AK Subscriber Subscriber

    103 miles N. of S.F.
    here also
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  5. Descartridge

    Descartridge "I hear, therefore I am" Subscriber

    Knowing about Joe is one of the best "scores" of mine from AK. He has resurrected a DL103 and a Grace F8 for me and a rare Signet is in process.
    He has a load of good karma earned.
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  6. grillebilly

    grillebilly Empty Head Subscriber

    Fairfax VA
    Got a DL-110 on the way, communication and advice was fantastic.
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  7. illinoisteve

    illinoisteve Super Member

    I very much like how needlestein's years of dedication to testing and experimenting with needles and to tinkering with both needles and cartridges -- driven by his own curiosity and with all of the attending adventures along the way liberally shared with the rest of us here at AK -- has eventually brought him to a point where he can do professional retips for others! Joseph certainly has earned every bit of the knowledge and skill that makes it possible.

    For me, he's brought back to life a Grado F-3+ cartridge, the needle of which had barely any stub of a cantilever when I got it. He also retipped the original needle assembly I had for my Shure Era IV M97 cartridge, which I had been using cheap generics to play since I got it.

    Obviously, needlestein can not toot his own horn about providing this service in regular forum posts without violating the rules, nor can he mix comments about his paid service into his continued posts about needle and cartridge experimentation and discoveries which we love so much. So it is up to us, his satisfied customers, to make sure others know that they can contact him privately to learn about his services and that those services are GOOD!

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  8. Stanton681EEES

    Stanton681EEES Addicted Member

    NE Ohio
    I would like to add Needlestien does first class work, recently he did a stylus for me for my Grado G1+ the results are excellent. Plus he has done a few other needle things as it were and those are all excellent as well.
  9. moebuster

    moebuster AK Subscriber Subscriber

    A small city in N.Alabama
    I LOVE my DL-103 needlestien retip.
    An absolute bargain!

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