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Discussion in 'Headphones' started by c.coyle, Jan 11, 2019.

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    New Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 cans. I'm listening more and more in my living room, with others present, so closed back is a must. We'll see how they stack up against my venerable Sony MDR-V6s with Beyer velour pads. My current easy chair setup is flacs and mp3s on a laptop, into a Schiit Fulla dac/amp, into headphones.

    The consensus on the Sony MDR-V6 is subdued but tight bass, a notch in the mids, and some emphasis in the highs, and that's how I have always heard them.

    Some early reactions:

    - Comfortable even after an hour, but a noticeably tighter clamp than the Sonys

    - They are not foldable like the Sonys, which will still be my travelling cans

    - A little more bass than the Sonys, but tight

    - Noticeably richer mids than the Sonys

    - Highs are more relaxed than the Sonys, which sound brighter in comparison. The sibilance that I have always heard on the Sonys with a few very familar recordings is significantly reduced. I have always attributed this to the recording, but now I'm not so sure.

    - Vocals a little less up front than the Sonys

    - I think the sound stage is a little more expansive than the Sonys,

    - Overall, a little more relaxed and warm sound than the Sonys

    - Construction is solid and substantial. I've seen a few complaints about plastic and flimsiness, but I don't see a lot of plastic parts

    New Cans.JPG
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  2. vinylkid58

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    Victoria, B.C.
    I bought a pair of MSR7GM's last year to use at work. I really like these cans, but after using them for a while, wish I'd bought the noise canceling version. Just because it can be a little noisy in the office.


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