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New Bob Carver Crimson 275 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifier- IN Stock.$2495 Shipped. Made in USA.

Discussion in 'Business and Vendor Classifieds' started by JClarkStereo, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. JClarkStereo

    JClarkStereo http://jimclarkstereo.com/ Subscriber

    7c4708_bb781c86e53d4364b1b010febfff2bf6~mv2.png Carver275_4.fw_.jpg

    Jimclarkstereo.com . Demonstration available North of Rockford, IL.. (815) 323 0898.
    Bob Carver sound for just $2,495!

    Seventy five watts per channel at a price that will drive the competition into feedback mode.

    Bob and his staff are working hard to birth this new product. We didn’t achieve such a great price by going off-shore. The 275 Stereo is point-to-point wired by hand in the same facility as our Raven Crimson and Silver Seven.

    75 watts/ch. • Almost 130 watts RMS/ch. into 4Ω on music and speech with 2-ohm capability! • 110dB S/N beats most solid state designs • Legendary Tung-Sol KT120 power tubes • DC Restorer and “Listen to the Room” features
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  2. AlTinkster92

    AlTinkster92 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Beautiful! :)

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