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Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by Ol' Ken, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. arclight73

    arclight73 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Nice !!! Glad to hear it's working out. Rotel has historically made very nice CD players.


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  2. RGA

    RGA Super Member

    Hong Kong
    Another thing you might like to know is that Rotel often only makes cosmetic changes to their models so it is entirely possible that the new model will be exactly the same machine but will just look different and maybe add a minor feature or two. So the 1572 may be no better sounding than the 1570.

    I always liked the sound of Rotel and certainly over NAD. I remember comparing a NAD Bee integrated versus a Rotel RA-02 and the Rotel was considerably better and lower priced to boot.

    I always feel that Rotel is really underrated. I am a tube guy but I have heard a number of relatively modestly priced Rotel rigs sound quite a bit better (or at least as good) than way way more expensive gear. Not many years ago they sold a preamp that I owned briefly for around $1200 and you buy a power amp that was capable of putting out 1000 watts per channel(@1 ohm which is impressive since most amps can't handle a 1 ohm load) for $2k (RB 1090 which can be had for $1k on the second hand market).

    Congrats on the new CD player.
  3. Ol' Ken

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    Ingleside Ontario, Canada
    Thanks. When getting ready to leave the store I said now I was fully entrenched in "mid-fi" and the owner seemed somewhat taken aback and mentioned that I really had very good equipment.

    As an aside he is waiting for his personal B&W 800 Diamonds to arrive.

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