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    There are a number of users still camping out on the temporary chat while we wait for the new system for the official AK room. A number of users have gone there because the most recent java update does not work on XP; leaving some users without Java.

    There have been a couple of issues with the Mibbit client; largely that it dropped the pre-set configuration, making getting in to the channel difficult. I attempted to build my own client; but that didn't work. I do have an alternative link to the mibbit client; which will fill in the server and channel name for you.

    All you do is go there, enter your name; and go. If your username comes out as something odd; you can issue a new one after you connect by typing "/nick <newnick>" in the chatbox, without the quotes and without the <> around the new name.

    Some people are reporting problems trying to connect:

    No one is banned from the room at this time. I cannot say whether the server itself has banned you or not; but I don't think it has. It is also entirely possible the server or mibbit client does not like your user-name. I have zero control over this; every server has it's own rules. Likewise, your AK usernames are not reserved on this system.

    If you find yourself getting errors, then you may need to try some other form of your username; numbers appear to really throw it off.

    Again, it's IRC based; so if you have an IRC client, you can connect using this information:

    Port: 6667
    Channel: #audiokarma
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