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Discussion in 'Music Reviews' started by joekapahulu, Feb 1, 2018.

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    Thought it might be interesting to throw out a few of the new CDs I got and my thoughts. Hope it will inspire others to share the same. Mostly newer music from a mix of new and old artists. Multiple genres. Mostly well recorded and produced.
    Rhiannon Giddens-Tomorrow Is My Turn, rootsy, bluesy acoustic music with country and folk overtones. Great ballsy vocals with a mix of traditional and new songs. Originally with Carolina Chocolate Drops. Just great stuff...Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Rory Block, Nina Simone rolled together.

    Pink-Beautiful Trauma , unabshed rob pop wit ha great voice and strong songs. Pop I don't get embarrassed about listening to. Good hooks, good lyrics and a fabulous voice.

    Patty Griffin-Servant of Love, I love her voice and her songs...a distinctive mix that some love and others hate. Country of the Americana type. Written after the end of her 5 year relationship with Robert Plant akaLed zeppelins singer. His music clearly rubbed off on her as you can hear it In certain songs. A singer songwriter winner. If you like Emmylou Harris, you will like Griffin.

    The Band of Heathens-Duende, Sunday Morning Record, I heard these guys on Austin City LIMITS and got these in Austin. A Texas band that is ROOTS defined...sort of Little Feat, Amazing Rhythm Aces, Steve Earle, Allman Bros rolled into one. Good songs, great musicianship, tales of life on the road, trying to maintain a marriage and family, commentary on the state of the nation. Just great music that gets played frequently in my house and car.

    Gregg Allam, Southern Blood, Allmans last cd it is a winner. Very much in the style of Floating Bridge and Laid Back, his earlier solo discs, a mix of blues, rock and southern music from Dylan, Willie Dixon, Lowell George, Gregg himself. Organ, slide guitar, soulful vocals, Allmans voice showing its pain and the toll of cancer but going out on a high note.

    Bill Evans, Another Time, A new recording from 1968 from Evans trio. Well recorded and well performed from a date in Holland. If you are an Evans fan or jazz piano fan, this is a must get. A mix of popular and lesser known songs but classics nonetheless.

    Joey Alexander, Countdown, 2017 trio date from the newest jazz piano wunderkind. Better than his first cd, which was pretty good in itself. Here he stretches out more playing semi standards from Monk, Coltrane,Hancock, Chaplin, Strayhorn, Marsalis and a couple of his own compositions which show promise. Well played and recorded. Will get lots of rotation in my player.

    Charlie Hade and Jim Hall, Live in Montreal. A wonderful requiem from two jazz legends, both of whom are now gone. A mix of standards and compositions from the principals, it is jazz guitar and bass in duo format played by two of the best ever. Hall shows he still had the chops to surprise with a mix of obvious and less apparent single lines and unique chord voicing support, angular one moment then reindeer and warm the next. Haden provides a solid bottom end and interesting solos when featured. As Pat Metheny writes in the liner notes, "a recording for the ages".


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    The Greg Allman album is good. He recorded it in Muscle Shoals with Don Was. Where it all began. A lot of covers but he pours it out for sure
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