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New Quantum 3's. Need advice.

Discussion in 'Infinity Loudspeakers' started by TNTim, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. TNTim

    TNTim AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Knoxville, TN
    Just purchased a set of Quantum 3's and RSe's. Both sets need a refoam but the Quantums has a Watkins woofer that a rodent got a hold of. Any suggestions on what can be done? Voice coils are fine but I figure a recone.

    IMG_0491.jpg IMG_0466.jpg IMG_0468.jpg IMG_0464.jpg


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  2. thermoluddys

    thermoluddys Active Member

    Get a hold of Bill at Millersound, they are in Lansdale PA. He just repaired one for me, they do great work and they are great people. You will be glad you did.
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  3. slimpikkins

    slimpikkins Super Member

    South East PA
    Watkins woofers before and after, Millersound is as good as it gets, better than new and won’t cost a fortune. Nice looking speakers btw love the wood.
    C932CE03-E912-4FE9-BD48-ED18C0EFFA4B.jpeg 4E046CBF-53C1-4A55-A02D-A0E59FA18FD4.jpeg A93550E2-C50E-4619-BC9E-501D7BFECB4D.jpeg
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  4. thermoluddys

    thermoluddys Active Member

    I+1 to what slimpkins said. Before.JPG 1083614-9b18d0eab8bdc1b5dc53cf7950cd26a2.jpg MILLERSOUND REPAIR.jpg
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