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Discussion in 'Infinity Loudspeakers' started by Ross6860, May 19, 2017.

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    I've run these every evening for a week and I have to say I'm both surprised and impressed.

    One of the prior owners made some very minor crossover mods and added better binding posts. Re-foamed at some point. OTT they are stock.

    I thought these would be relatively hard to drive, but IMHO they are not. They do take a relatively greater turn on the volume knob, (inefficient?), but a relatively small amp appears to have no trouble driving them.

    I have a Jolida 302b that never really impressed me. I thought it lacked bass response. SOme other folks have said the Jolida would never provide decent bass. These speakers appear to match very well with this amp. Plenty of bass, and maybe the amp actually warms up the mids and highs just a touch. This is only a 50 wpc amp. Kind of small compared to what I run my RSII with.

    I'm not even running a very expensive phono pre-amp. It's an ART DJ -II with an upgraded power supply. I'm very pleased with it for the minimal investment.

    All-in-all a very pleasing set-up. So much so that I plan on keeping the Jolida. I had planned on selling it due to the perceived low-end issues.
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    As long as not pushed too hard, you will be fine with that amp. I ran mine with a Marantz 2245 for over a year with only one incident of pushing the amp into distortion, and that was with extremely bass heavy music and the amp at close to full output. Using a little discretion (or common sense) a good 50wpc amp runs these nicely, although the more power you have the better (obviously).

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