Newbie needs some advice.

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by Vviia, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Vviia

    Vviia New Member

    Just starting to play all kinds of audio stuff, and found this good place.

    For right now, i am just testing and playing with all kinds of different stuff with very little money.
    And now i feel kind of lost, don't know what to do next. :oops:
    Any help/suggestion is useful.

    Here are my "good" gears (all dirty cheap), please let me know which are good to keep, and which i should dump.

    0, all kind of trash equipments (i don't wanna list them, so embarrassing)
    1, Sanyo turntable TP-X1 (20$)
    2, HarmanKardon dc5300 cassette deck (5$)----only left deck is working, i don't play cassette, just in case.
    3, Samsung DVD HD841 (10$)-----for SACD and DVDA, however I don't have any disc.....
    4, Denon TCM 340 (10$)
    5, Sony CDP-C67ES (20$)
    6, Sony CDP-102(20$) ----belt is not quite working, but like the looking
    7, JVC XL-MC2000 (20$)-----can store 200 CDs, i don't even have that much.
    8, Proton ai-3000 (25$) ----this one should be my best found.
    9, Fisher receiver RS 883 (15$)
    10, Optimus receiver STA 795 (10$)
    11, Paradigm Titan V2 (40$) I refoam it myself
    12, PolkAudio RT 600i (40$)

    i just list out all my "best" stuff, and i spend a lot money to buy trash to learn........

    any comments are welcome


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  2. daveg3588

    daveg3588 Toy addict Subscriber

    Hamburg, NY
    Welcome, pick what you like and listen! and if you don't like the sound, change it up until you do.
    It's all about what you like to hear.
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  3. musichal

    musichal poet emeritus Subscriber

    Norman OK
    My help/suggestion, as you termed it, and for which you asked, is to buy fewer pieces and spend a little more for them. New, newish or restored vintage gear generally requires a bit more outlay, unless you get very lucky. Now, if you are an electronics tech, able to troubleshoot, repair (even modify and improve) then great, but if you were, I think your post would be a lot different. Now, I'll duck while some throw rocks at me.
  4. Marine0811

    Marine0811 I love it loud! Subscriber

    No rocks being thrown here!
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  5. Grenadeslio

    Grenadeslio Super Member

    Sound advice (pun intended)
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  6. ultumax

    ultumax Super Member

    Canton, OH
    Sounds like a budget system I’d say you did well imo .
    I prefer home theater as until I can afford to move out , need a proper stand for turntable etc which I want .
    I got all my speakers new on sale & receiver But spend substantially more then you.
    So used is the way to go !!!
    I say More power to you I need to learn more about restoration and refoaming so I. Can save money too.
    I mean some people spent more then me on a trash Bose acustomass & those tiny little cube speakers will never beat even cheap klipsch or entry level speakers.
    Got any pics ? I’d like to see this impressive collection of equipment for so cheap! Woo:jump:
    Sounds like the deal of the century!


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  7. JoeESP9

    JoeESP9 ESL's & tubes since 83

    Philadelphia PA
    Vviia: I suggest re-reading musichal's post.
    I completely agree with him.

    ultumax: Broaden your horizons. There are other good sounding inexpensive speakers than Klipsch. Give some Pioneer BS-22's or some Audio Engine's a listen. IMO/E they sound better than all the inexpensive offerings from Klipsch.

    Cheap Klipsch are entry level speakers. So are the Pioneer BS-22's and many others.

    Here's some more good sounding inexpensive (entry level) speakers.

    The Dayton Audio B-652 Air @ $50 a pair are an exceptionally good deal. So are the Monoprice MP-65RT @ $49. They both use a pleated diaphragm tweeter which is a variant of the Heil AMT (Air Motion Transformer).

    The Heil AMT is considered by many to be among the best tweeters ever made.
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  8. Vviia

    Vviia New Member

    thaks a lot for the dayinformation

    i forgot to mention that
    My HT set is all pioneer
    Vsx-1131 sp-bs22 sp-fs52 sp-c22
    Really good preference to me.

  9. Vviia

    Vviia New Member

    Thanks a lot for your advice.
    Still learning how to “Fox/repair” those old stuff.
    I think that is part of the fun.

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  10. Vviia

    Vviia New Member

    Will post a pic when everything is setup beautifully.:angel:

  11. JoeESP9

    JoeESP9 ESL's & tubes since 83

    Philadelphia PA
    I've heard all those Pioneers except the center channel speaker. One buddy has the BS22's another the FS52's. IMO even the FS52's need a subwoofer. Both models IMO sound very good for the money.

    FWIW I think the matching Pioneer sub is overpriced.


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  12. Old Guy8

    Old Guy8 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Rockford, Illinois
    I've bought gear at garage sales and estate sales. If your going to do that, educate yourself on audio gear, so you can be discriminating on what you buy and pay. Test it and only buy what you can fix or has no problems. If you can't test it pass on it unlless really valuable and cheap. Pass on the lower end stuff, which can be 95% of what you see.. Otherwise you can fill a house in a hurry, with little improvement from where you are.
    Buy gear that will be easily resold, at some time. So you can atleast not loose money, while your having fun with it.
    Ask me how I know.
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  13. 7whales7

    7whales7 Super Member

    metro detroit
    It all starts somewhere.....and then the sickness grows!!!! LOL!!! Get what you can afford and when you have more funds step up the ladder. Most came from small beginnings. Don't be afraid to ask about gear....
  14. tom67

    tom67 Active Member

    Palm Beach Gardens FL
    Nice hunting there. You got about 300 lbs of gear for $235 that's about $75 cents per lb which is less than the cost of ground meat. I know it's simplistic, but since you already have the stuff, why not try it to see what works best for you? If you can't repair items yourself, that will dictate what you pitch.

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