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Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by gcgst, Sep 15, 2018.

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    I have an Amazon echo show in the kitchen, which is about equidistant from three stereo setups in three adjacent rooms. I normally feed these systems over wifi by either chromecast audio/emotiva XDA-2 or raspberry pi/iDSD dacs.

    However, we like the convenience of having Alexa play music from either Amazon, Pandora, or Plex for casual listening or enertaining; thus, I wanted bluetooth connections to these systems also. I have Alexa turn on the system of choice via smart-outlets -- using a bluetooth reciever powered by the recevier's switched outlet, so it connects automatically when the system powers on.

    The issue I had is the distance was a little too great for the cheap bluetooth reeivers I tried at first ($20 Logitech and Amazon Basic). The music would skip periodically, especially if someone stood directly between the echo and the receiver.

    I found a solution in the BluDento BLT-2 long distance receiver ($55). It sounds really good (for bluetooth) using its own DAC, and it even has optical/coax outputs I can use with the emotiva for even better sound. I have no affiliation with the product -- just wanted to share the good experience in case someone was looking at a similar setup.
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