Nikko Nostalgia and Getting Started

Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews & Opinions' started by Chuck_it_so, Dec 28, 2018.

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    Currently rocking 2 10-year old M-audio bookshelf monitors off my U-Turn (with Grado blue cartridge) and the cheapest pre-amp I could afford (at the time of purchase). Now, thanks to these cursed ears of mine (and the blessing of gainful employment), I feel ready to upgrade.

    Growing up, my father had a Nikko 1019, and I can’t get that look out of my mind. He unfortunately gave it away. I have limited space, but would like to buy an old vintage tuner for around $200 (these seem not to be plentiful in the market, and I might be just as happy with a 5/7/819), as well as upgrade my speakers for around $300 (unfortunately, space is limited and the speakers need to be shorter than 10in). Am I crazy? Going about this the wrong way? Should I forgo my Nikko nostalgia? Any guidance or tips anyone could recommend would be much appreciated.


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