"Normal" temperature for power tubes?

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by thornev, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. bhamham

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    I lived in Europe for 9 yrs, you get used to it. I found it to be a pretty good system.


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  2. mhardy6647

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    Well, the nice thing about SI units is that they're defined in durable and (it is believed) reproducible ways; i.e., the standards are absolute and reproducible.
    Indeed, "we" just re-standardized the kilogram (the mass of 1000 mL of pure water, nominally) to such "first principle" standards. Until a couple of months ago, the world absolute reference standard kilogram was a weight kept under high security in France.

    This is actually a pretty big deal.


    From one of my lectures last fall in a course I teach on glycobiology
  3. thornev

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    Mid Hudson Valley, NY
    We're just a little off track now. When it comes down to it, any measurement system is just some arbitrary set of properties that someone made up so that the rest of us can talk intelligently and scientifically about distance, weight, volume, power, temperature, et cetera. Of course the human race has achieved some amazing advancements (?) as a result of being able to measure.
  4. sKiZo

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    I measure temps in farencelciheit ... trying to start a new trend here. Any other players? ;-}

    Not a lot of mention on what folk are using to test their stuff? I've been told the cheaper optical sensors aren't all that accurate. In my case, I used a direct contact probe on an old multi-purpose Tenma VOM, either at the top of each tube, or the area of a component closest to any nearby heat source ...
  5. gadget73

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    Seems like everything I own uses a mix of stuff, so any job involves bringing out all of the tools. Its the mix that annoys me more than the different systems.

    IR guns have issues with reflection, so the temperature readings are all over the map depending on the surface finish and color. Contact sensors are the most accurate if you don't have a good IR camera.

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