Now that the Antennacraft FM6 is discontinued, what's my best bet for an antenna?

Discussion in 'Tuners' started by ChopperChas, Nov 16, 2016.

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    Are you serious free? PM me please


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    The FM 6 and a eight element log periodic style went to the dump last week
  3. onwardjames

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    Here it is, a full year and 4 months still sits, assembled, in the back of my shed. Connected to anything? Nah.

    Lord help me.
  4. backmd

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    So the Antennacraft fm 6 at 20 feet in the air was not receiving my favorite classical station in stereo. But it was a full 5 bars, despite the drought we were having. So with the theory that the drought was harming the grounding with the earth, I poured about 5 gallons of water by the 4 foot copper ground rod. Set a new record 70 stations at 3pm when it is 90 degrees out and the classical station is 5.2 bars and in STEREO, the jazz station is at 5.2 bars also. So if you want to supercharge your outdoor antenna, just pour 5 gallons of water by the ground rod!
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    Yup ... old hammer trick is to put a few inches of epsom salt about a foot underground around the rod so it leaches in slowly. Done right, it shouldn't hurt the grass or surrounding plants. Should last a good long time, but if you start to lose reception, dig a plug out and add some more epsom salt as needed.

    A mix of gypsum and cheap kitty litter is also fairly popular for that.
  6. backmd

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    Pioneer TX9100 intermittent stereo on WFMT at 98.7Mhz in Chicago
    Is the problem the antenna or the tuner?
    OK the Pioneer SX300 aka Sound Project 300 gets a stereo signal on WFMT, so that rules out the antenna as a causative factor in not getting WFMT in stereo.
    MPX board AWD-002
    MPX chip PA1310P All surrounding capacitors exonerated ie no capsistors
    Pin Number Spec Measured

    3 5.0 5.2 after comparing to TX9500 pin 3 is indeed at 5.0 spec

    4 8.8 7.4

    5 8.8 7.4

    9 2.5 2.5

    12 2.4 2.5

    I went through all the trimmer caps and the adjustable coils and peaked all of them twice. Put the covers back on, since WFMT stereo is now stable throughout the L and R side of the center channel meter designated black center region.

    Soldered two more caps for 10,000uf at the 24 volt supply. Super quiet and receives 98.7 in stereo at the full width of the center tuning meter designated black center region. Back to the coveted rack.

    79 stations definitely a new record!
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  7. backmd

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    93 stations at 1118pm on 8-16-18 definitely a new record
  8. BeerLegs

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    I bought a used RS Archer, or Antenna Craft for $15 today. It's the RS VU-190. It's actually a VHF, UHF, FM antenna. Good for up to 100 miles is the claim. Their largest one they made in the mid to late 80's, but I think they came out with a larger one in the 90's.

    Large FM antennas are getting hard to find.

    094 (1).jpg
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