OFFICIAL. Official Winter Storm Grayson/Brody/"Bombogenesis" thread.

Discussion in 'General Off Topic Forums' started by amb3cog, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. 2011etec

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    So what city do Americans love to hate on? New York,L.A, Chicgao? Use to like Detroit but now it reminds me of Hiroshima.What happened to that mighty city?Hope she comes back .Yah id say Toronto is cosmopolitan and since they v,e become the 4th largest in north America their extra snotty,lol.


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  2. amb3cog

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    NY and LA mainly. Coastal elites in the eyes of the people in the red states/conservatives. And then people from like Boston hate NY, because of sports teams mainly. Chicago, because they're "The Second City". It's all pretty much jealousy of course. I'm a Boston sports fan (I live an hour away), but I like NY anyway. Take me to Chinatown any day of the week for some grub. Boston has a Chinatown too, but it's not even close. They're pizza is amazing too. Totally worth going there just to eat. It's frikkin crazy driving there though!

    People hate winners/the biggest and the best. Just like people hate my NE Patriots now too, because all they do is win. Just like I hated the Dallas Cowboys back in the day when they were winning all the time. It's definitely good fun. LOL

    And yea Detroit. Whew man they went bust big time. Their economy was all in the car manufacturers, and car parts manufacturing. Now that that's mostly gone. They don't have much of an economy at all. You can buy a house there cheap though. Just be sure to stock up on ammo. :yikes:

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