Oh boy I'm enjoying this little Fiat...

Discussion in 'Wheels, Wings, Mud, and Water' started by Rick Vestal, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Rick Vestal

    Rick Vestal Have a nice day and duck!

    Colorado Springs, CO
    I've been looking for a daily driver for some time. I currently have a very low mileage 328 that I wanted to keep low mileage and drive on the days where there's no hail projected. So after a while of looking, I remembered that Ramblin' had gotten a Fiat.

    Well fast forward to a month ago, I came across a manual 500 in Denver that looked too good to be true. Manual trans, bunch of go fast goodies installed by the dealer, new tires, new brakes, premium audio and a BOOK of service history.

    I present to you, the Bean!


    I have owned a LOT of vehicles. Audi's, BMW's, Scircoccos, Jeeps... And this is the most fun I've ever had in a vehicle. It's bouncy, small, unique and I love everything about it. I can honestly say that if this car died tomorrow, I would buy another without hesitation.

    Jeez what a blast. I never expected to love a new(er) Fiat...
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  2. KLH9

    KLH9 A Double Pair Sounds OK

    Lost in the music
    Looks sweet.

    A friend bought his wife an Abarth and she loves it
  3. Rick Vestal

    Rick Vestal Have a nice day and duck!

    Colorado Springs, CO
    When I was shopping I got into that "well, if I just spend this much more, I can get an Abarth..." and I had to stop myself as that broke my shopping rule. But now, an Abarth is certainly a possibility.
  4. 2011etec

    2011etec Super Member

    We in north America are still resisting small cars .I will never get rid of my truck but I'm seriously thinking about a little bomber.Right now Hyundai accent hatchback is leading the way.Its a Canada only car.2018 model.Theres a few 500,s around town ,they look like fun but I wonder how they would be on a cross country trip?I feel its more of a city car?
  5. Djcoolray

    Djcoolray Addicted Member

    A rocks throw from JBLM !!!!

    The Fiat would be great for living out in the country where there are many tightly curved roads and racing around town.
  6. MacNoob

    MacNoob dazed and confused

    Longitudinal Center of Canada
    I'd like an Abarth....
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  7. spark1

    spark1 Active Member

    The Great Midwest
    Good looking little car.

    I feel the same way about the Chevy Sonic LTZ Turbo we bought for my daughter 2 years ago. That little thing is a blast to drive...good ride, decent handling (probably not as good as the Fiat) and very quick, with a well-done turbocharger. It's been perfectly reliable, too. I was shocked about how nice the interior and dash layout is, and how quiet it runs (though it does produce a nice exhaust buzz when you get on it).

    It's been such a good car, daughter number two got the 2018 version. I drive it whenever I get the chance (not often!).
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  8. slow_jazz

    slow_jazz Lunatic Member

    SE Michigan, Downriver....
    Looks like fun.
  9. Shadowdog

    Shadowdog Super Member

    Flin Flon, Manitoba
    Have fun and great colour as you want to be seen! I had a 89 charcoal black (almost black) Festiva 1.3L 4 sp std. with the color being a mistake in that people didn't see me even with the lights on, but anyway was a fun car! I drove to all over NA and it was great even in the cross winds. Extremely stable at high speeds and the only negs were road noise and a rougher ride on bad roads , but slowing down helped on rough pavement.
  10. Archguy

    Archguy Life's 2 short 4 plastic speakers Subscriber

    Richmond VA
    Totally jealous. I've been trying to buy an electric version (500e) for grocery getting. Congrats man!

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