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Discussion in 'Cameras and Photography' started by No Money, Feb 3, 2018.

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    Well, after the lab I have been using got slower and slower at turn around on film I decided to do something about it. Got my hands on an old Jobo CPA with lift that hadn’t been used for some time. Now, after some pissing about, replacing a rectifier and a intermittently faulty potentiometer and cleaning and lubing all the cogs and stuff it seems to be running well.

    Put a few rolls of 120 B&W through, and they came out very nice. Clean, even development. Much easier than doing the old “stand at the sink invert every minute” routine. And I get to use different developers when I want to, like Pyrocat HD and others that commercial labs won't use. Results look as good as, if not better than the lab. And it’s not an hour or more out of my day getting there and back. Got some C41 and E6 chems coming and an 10x8 tank. Have a few boxes of 10X8 Provia in the freezer looking for a project …

    Fun Fun Fun

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