Old winchester shotgun parts

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoor Adventure' started by 2011etec, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. 2011etec

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    I have a beautiful 1958 model 50 twelve gauge.Have not used it for many years because if i remember correctly the shells would fall out of the tube after loading effectively making it a single shooter instead of a autoloader.Can parts still be had to repair?For the last several years ive been using a weatherby pump which is a great shotgun bye the way.Still id like my winchester back in full working order.


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  2. kreichenbach

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  3. 2011etec

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    Thanks for the link.We have a really good gunsmith here in town who works out of his home so im sure knowing parts are still available will make fixing her a very real possibility. When i bought the gun there was another in 20 gauge i believe that was consecutively numbered.I should of bought the blasted thing!When i called winchester years ago they told me by my sin number she was made on nov 11 1958.
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  4. soundmotor

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    That is a cool shotgun and yes, kick yourself for not buying the sequential 20 gauge. What were you thinking?


    If I understand the parts layout, it looks like #1150 cycles up & down with the bolt to release the rim of the next shell. It might be worn and gunparts.com (AKA Numrich) is your best shot for another. However, gunbroker.com often has parted guns and you may get lucky finding it there. I'd definitely get it in front of a good gunsmith though for confirmation. It is a very unusual, interesting, and rather complicated design with its recoil reduction feature -


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  5. 2011etec

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    A now deceased friend showed me how to take her down for total cleaning and told me what part was worn but i cant remember now.The gunsmith i will take it to is well known and very popular as he is very reasonable.

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