older Marantz AV9000 or Integra 6.4?

Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by Ibemiked, Oct 29, 2018.

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    So I purchased a Marantz MM9000, AV9000 combo a few months back.. I haven't yet hooked the AV9000 up I have been using the Onkyo Integra 6.4 Reciever as a preamp instead. Anyone have any experience with the AV9000 preamp? Am I missing out by not using it? I initially did hook it up but the Marantz remote I had for my Marantz 1601 didn't work for everything and I was unable to set it up, but I've since gotten a remote that will. Should I take the time and setup the Marantz AV9000 or just keep using the Integra 6.4? The integra is pretty old too but with the setup I have it sounds great. Ive heard that receiver preouts aren't as good as actually preamps, but this is an older model that only supports 5.1 And I'm only using the integra for 5.1 now anyway but the Marantz is THX elite and was TOTL when new. So just wondering what any of the experts here think.


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