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  1. ToniCH

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    Northern Europe
    Sansui transistor substitution collection

    Hi, I've been busy figuring out transistor substitutions for my AU20K. While at it I also went through BA-2000 and AU-717 service manuals to find other transistors used originally in these things and searched the forum. The info is scattered in many many threads, maybe there already is a collection of these somewhere but I didn't find it. Meanwhile I have found many more references for other Sansui model's transistors and suitable substitutions in the forum. They are also listed below. If there was any doubt in the discussion about suitability I didn't add them to the list.

    Here is the list I gathered from AK Exclusively Sansui -section. So, its not an AU20K list but rather a general Sansui list. If you spot an error please point it out, I'll update the list. Also if you know better or more suitable substitutions or transistors which are missing from this list please let us know. All additional info like if the pin order differs from original, case type, ideal usage etc. is welcome.

    If there is more than one Substitution it means there is more than one option. Ie. somebody on this forum has suggested or even used these types.

    Note: the suffixes might be suspect on some of these so double check from the specsheet what they mean. These transistors are all something that has been suggested by reputable forum users but frankly I don't know what most of the suffixes mean or if they are the optimal for the use. Please recheck before using and use at your own risk.

    Note 2: complementary pairs have not been marked. If you need them in pairs google for the datasheet or search Mouser etc. vendor sites for the the substitute and you will find the datasheet. It usually says what the correct complementary pair is.

    Original ---- Substitution(s)
    2SA561 --- KSA733C (C-suffix= collector center)
    2SA562 --- BC327
    2SA606/2SC959 --- NTE129MCP (Complementary pair product #)
    2SA706 --- KSA1381ESTU, BD136
    2SA726 --- KSA992FTA/-FBU, BC560
    2SA733 --- KSA733C (C= collector center)
    2SA745 --- MJ15004G, upgrade: MJ21193
    2SA747 --- MJ21193G (for example AU-9900/11000 output)
    2SA750 --- KSA992FBU
    2SA818 --- KSA1381 (pin order!), KSA1142, (2SA0914?)
    2SA839 --- MJE15035, 2SC1669
    2SA847 --- KSA992
    2SA850 --- KSA1013, KSA992
    2SA896 --- KSA1381ESTU (pin order!)
    2SA899 --- KSA1142, KSA1220AYS, KSA1381
    2SA908 --- MJ21193G, MJ21195G (for example AU-20K output)
    2SA914 --- KSA1142, KSA1381
    2SA917 --- 2N5400 (pin order!)
    2SA939 --- KSA1381, KSA1220AY
    2SA958 --- ??
    2SA968 --- MJE15033
    2SA981 -> MJ21193G and
    2sc2261 -> MJ21194G
    2SA1105 --- 2SA1695
    2SA1106 --- 2SA1695 (avail. fr. Digikey), NJW1302G

    2SB327 --- KSA1220A
    2SB507 --- MJE15033G
    2SB507(E,F) --- KSA1010Y
    2SB526 --- MJE15033
    2SB527 --- MJE15033, KSA1220
    2SB528 --- 2SA1837 (TO220, fully insulated case)
    2SB536 --- KSA1304Y, MJE15033G
    2SB537 --- MJE15031G
    2SB545(A) --- MJ21193G

    2SC458 --- 2SC2240, 2SC1345
    2SC735 --- BC337
    2SC871 --- 2SC2240, KSC1845, or even BC549C or BC550C (pin out differences!)
    2SC945 --- KSC945C (C= collector center)
    2SC983 --- KSC1845
    2SC1116 --- MJ21194G (for example AU-9900/11000 output)
    2SC1124 --- KSC3503DSTU (pin order!)
    2SC1313 --- KSC1845FTA (Must install them backwards of original 2SC1313 which is BCE the KSC1845FTA is ECB.)
    2SC1364 --- KSC945C (best if used on protection board), KSC2690 (for more demanding use)
    2SC1400 --- KSC1845
    2SC1402 --- MJ21194
    2SC1403A --- MJ15003G, upgrade MJ21194
    2SC1585 --- MJ21194G, MJ21196G (for example AU-20K output)
    2SC1628 --- KSC3503 (pin order!), (2SC1953?)
    2SC1669 --- MJE15034
    2SC1708 --- KSC1845
    2SC1735 --- KSC2383, KSC1845
    2SC1811 --- KSC3503ESTU
    2SC1904 --- KSC3503, KSC2690AY
    2SC1951 --- ZTX694B
    2SC1953 --- KSC2682, KSC3503
    2SC959/2SA606 --- NTE129MCP (Complementary pair product #)
    2SC1983 --- TIP112F or KSD1273Q
    2SC2071 --- KSC3503, KSC2690AY
    2SC2238 --- MJE15032
    2SC2261 -> MJ21194G
    2SC2580 --- 2SC4468
    2SC2581 --- 2SC4468 (avail. fr. Digikey), NJW3281G

    2SD188(A) --- MJ21194G
    2SD247 --- MJ15003G
    2SD313(E,F) --- KSC2334Y
    2SD356 --- MJE15032
    2SD357 --- KSC2690A, KSC2073
    2SD381 --- KSC3296Y, MJE15032
    2SD382 --- MJE15030G, MJE15032


    Here is some diode and zener subs I've seen mentioned while collecting transistors:

    10D1 --- 1N5392, 1N5393
    10D2 --- 1N5392, 1N5393
    30D2 --- 1N5402G
    1S1588 --- 1S2473, 1N4148
    1S2473 ---- 1N4148, 1N4149
    VD1212 --- 2pcs of 1N4148 connected in series
    1S1850 --- MUR1620CTG (TO220) - or use 1N5393G (200V 1.5A) or 2A03 (200V/2A) to make your own Common Cathode -diode pack
    1S1850R --- MUR1620CTRG (TO220) - or use 1N5393G (200V 1.5A) or 2A03 (200V/2A) to make your own Common Anode -diode pack

    EQB01-22 --- BZV85-C22 or 1N4748A
    RD-13A --- TZX13A-TR
    RD-15E --- ??? Maybe 1N5245BTR, comments?
    RD-22E --- ??? Maybe 1N5251BTR, Comments?

    I've noticed I myself have difficulty sometimes finding this thread so here are some search terms: substitution, substitutions, subs, substitute.
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  2. Hyperion

    Hyperion Roobarb & Custard Subscriber

    Hertfordshire, UK
    Nice idea - well done Toni.

    2SA818 --- KSA1381,
    2SC1628 --- KSC3503,

    They should both be noted as "pin order"
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  3. mikstick

    mikstick Active Member

    Merseyside, United Kingdom
    really nice to bring that info together!!!!
    Thanks I appreciate it
    from john rather recently regarding an au666

    2sc871 --- 2sc2240, KSC1845, or even BC549C or BC550C (pin out differences!)
  4. jpb6793

    jpb6793 AK Member

    Lagrangeville, NY
    I'm surely impressed....you have probably minimized many future posts about Sansui replacements by tying all together in one thread....thanks again
  5. ToniCH

    ToniCH Well-Known Member

    Northern Europe
    Hope it helps. :)

    Post #1 updated with more transistors + some diodes and zeners.

    Keep the additions, corrections and extra info coming! :thmbsp:
  6. kenwood61

    kenwood61 Vintage HiFi Nut Subscriber

    Bend, OR
    +1 on finding a replacement for RD-15E zener diode


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  7. clinic-audio

    clinic-audio all on YAMAHA untill 1990

    Sansui transistors sub

    Hello ToniCH

    You said :

    2SA958 --- 2SC2168

    I think that if you replace a 2SA958 by 2SC2168 you will get some problem !

    I did not control all your list but these ref attract my eyes !

  8. vigman

    vigman SUBSCRIBER

    Valencia CA
    Nice !!!!
  9. deltalight

    deltalight AK Subscriber

    2SA899 --- KSA1142, KSA1220AYS
    Also KSA1381
  10. ghazzer

    ghazzer Senior Member Subscriber

    Sykesville, MD
    Good work Toni!

    Here are some substitutions I used on my G-6700 and G-4700:

    2SA939 - KSA1381
    2SA968 - MJE15033

    2SB527 - KSA1220

    2SC2071 - KSC3503
    2SC2238 - MJE15032

    2SD357 - KSC2073

    Updates: (12/28/14)

    2SB507(E,F) - KSA1010Y

    2SC1983 - TIP112F or KSD1273Q

    2SD313(E,F) - KSC2334Y
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  11. tommyinmeloz

    tommyinmeloz New Member

    Melbourne, Australia
    just looking for substitution for my G-4700 transistors.
    great post and thanks a lot.


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  12. vigman

    vigman SUBSCRIBER

    Valencia CA
    Toni this is from AUD-101 ( condense as needed ) The MUR's work great!
    Hey Mike,
    Mouser has TO220 types that maybe could be used as replacements(?) - will need to check pin spacing etc ---> MUR1620CT & MUR1620CTR - (Yes these are bit over-kill on the spec's!)...or you could fudge together two single diodes to form either a common cathode and common anode rectifier - Some online spec/datasheets either list the 1S1850 / 1S1850R as 200V/1.5A or 2A - Therefore these are possible candidates ---> 1N5393G (200V 1.5A) or 2A03 (200V/2A)

    Tommy without you saying what devices are in your unit... kinda hard to sub...
  13. xandyng

    xandyng New Member

    Thx for the list.
  14. super98lsc

    super98lsc Well-Known Member

    This is awesome!! Thanks :)
  15. wtppony

    wtppony Active Member

    Singapore, Asia
    These should considered a sticky for transistors:yes:

    Salute for your effort:thmbsp:
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  16. Soundphile

    Soundphile Active Member

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Fantastic list

    Great work. This should be a sticky. Saves a load of searching.
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  17. KingBubba

    KingBubba "Too Much Stuff" Subscriber

    Brooksville, Fl.
    Having taken on an attempt to do this kind of thing for the SX-1250 I know how much work it can become. The biggest problem I ran into was the fluidity of any list, due to discontinued items and items that were out of stock and out of stock for long periods of time. Your work is appreciated by me and many others. I do know just how hard this is.
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  18. Ronito6

    Ronito6 Super Member

    Good post

    Many thanks!
  19. super98lsc

    super98lsc Well-Known Member

    Thanks again this should be a STICKY... Saved me a TON of time on hunting replacements for my BA-2000 resto.
  20. super98lsc

    super98lsc Well-Known Member

    KSC1845EBU = Obsolete

    Superceded by = KSC1845FTA (PIN ORDER!!)
    Must install them backwards of original 2SC1313 which is BCE the KSC1845FTA is ECB.

    Thanks again this list is AWESOME! :)
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