Onkyo C-707CHX CD Changer - Drawer will not open - SOLVED

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    For several years I have been trying to trouble-shoot the Onkyo C-707CHX 3-disc changer. It is regularly offered on the Bay and elsewhere in seemingly good condition, except the drawer will not open. Motor and other noises can be heard, but it just won’t open.

    On a couple I found that the rubber drive belts had stretched and lost their elasticity from age and simply could not turn the complicated mechanism. But on most even new belts didn’t solve the problem.

    By comparing a functioning unit to my dud, I found that there’s a drive shaft from the main pulley which has plastic/nylon gears pressed on each end. Over time, the gears have loosened from the steel shaft and just spin under any load. Plus, on one end the gear had actually split and thus lost its grip.

    Replacement parts are long out of stock for this player, including small parts and the entire CD changer/player cassette. So this one is headed for the electronics recycle bin or I’ll offer it up for someone who needs a new display or front panel. It’s frustrating to have to toss what looks like perfectly good gear for lack of a small part.

    Onkyo C-707CHX 3-Disc CD Changer

    Main pulley, remove rubber belt, remove the c-ring

    Main pulley and drive shaft. Remove pulley.

    The pressed-on drive gear has loosened and just spins on the shaft under load.

    This gear has split and lost its grip as well.

    Comparing operation of functioning unit (left) and problem child.

    It’s a shame to toss this out.



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