Opinions wanted... 2220 vs 4230

Discussion in 'Marantz Audio' started by Gripnate, May 1, 2018.

  1. Gripnate

    Gripnate New Member

    same old story, Im new and need some help!

    Ive got a lot of nice records but recently moved out to attend college and now need to build my own setup.

    so far I have a Denon dp300F + orto Blue cartridge.

    My budget is't huge, but im looking to spend between 250-350 for a receiver that sounds good, looks good, and will last a while. My setup will be in a medium living room (i believe its about 12X15 feet.)

    The two Marantz im looking at are:

    and 4230

    I know they are pretty different receivers, the 4230 has more features being quad, and the bigger glass looks sexy as hell. my fear is that it will be overkill for the size of my living room, and perhaps less reliable? would 2220 be a better option if i wanted to just have two lower end Klipsch bookshelf speakers?

    Any opinions greatly appreciated :)


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  2. michiganpat

    michiganpat Super Member

    west coast of michigan
    go for the 4230. it has pre-outs/main ins (2220 doesn't), more power.....I'd pair it with some vintage speakers, maybe some large advents or AR2ax's....
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  3. Steven Tate

    Steven Tate AK Subscriber Subscriber

    N. Richland Hills, TX
    Stereo light and some dial lights being out on the 2220 are concerning. Dial lights are no problem, but stereo light not working could be bulbs (not that easy to change) or circuitry in the FM system out of whack — also a problem to fix. That 4230 looks nice, it has new LED’s and stereo and quad lights work. If it sounds good, that’s the one I would go for.
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  4. stereofisher

    stereofisher For the Love of the Music Subscriber

    Southeast NY
    I like quad ( four channel) receivers. You can switch it to stereo. DONT switch it when on! As said above the 4230 will have a little more power. Just got a 2220. Needed it like a hole in the head. Own a 4270, a 2270 out to be refurbed. Have a 2245 which is quite similar to my 2270. I do like the sound of my 4270 set on stereo. My 2220 came off EBay. Took a chance. Paid $250 for it. Sounds good. A lot simpler inside than the bigger ones. Will most likely use it as a bench amp. Cute little bugger. May try it in my bedroom system where the 2245 is. Have had a 4270,2270,2252 and now the 2245 hooked to a pr of JBL L26s The Marantz' all liked the JBLs. Only the newer 2252 was just ok. The others were really good. Good luck!
  5. smokenguns22

    smokenguns22 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Lafayette LA
    So which one did you end you with?
  6. bktheking

    bktheking Gitter Done! Subscriber

    Ottawa Ontario
    Wouldn't touch a quad over a two channel unless it was worth it- 4400 comes to mind. Quads have double the components to fail so unless you want to be constantly repairing- 2 channel is the way to go over 4 unless of course you will run 4 channels independently. As for pre/post jumpers- again if it's needed, 2230 would be the next step up.


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