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Opinions wanted AVR/AMP

Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews & Opinions' started by Athecal, Dec 7, 2018 at 7:18 PM.

  1. Athecal

    Athecal New Member

    So I have a Denon-1100 AVR, have a buddy who is constantly on my to sell/trade it to him, and just saw a Denon 1712 listed for $100, which I figure I can talk down to $80 if not $75. I have next to nothing invested in my current AVR, nor any idea what my friend would be willing to pay for it. The only real question I am concerned with is how much of an improvement is the 1712 over the 1100? I understand it is Dolby 7.1 instead of 5.1, but as far as sound quality for both home theater and stereo, is there going to be enough improvement to justify picking it up?

    Edited: To add that the only decent piece of home audio gear I own is this one AVR. I have two sets of speakers, both unnamed and unknown. One was left in my house when I bought it, the other set came with an old rack style setup I believe they are called. Both sets make sounds that aproximate music to some extent. I am attempting to build a quality setup that I can enjoy and maybe cause a touch of envy with for years to come without seriously breaking the bank. I am in no hurry though and willing to wait around for good deals or enough paychecks to come in.
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