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Oppo BDP-103

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by vmartell, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. vmartell

    vmartell Active Member

    Recently acquired a TEAC CD-P650 - I have a very big CD collection that was simple taking too much time to digitize - rather listen! Pretty happy with it.

    As a classical fan, turns out that many of those CDs are actually SACDs, of which I only ever listened to the CD layer - never had a SACD player.

    Until now - pulled the trigger on a nicely priced Oppo BDP-103, to put it in place of the TEAC and finally get to enjoy all of those SACDs. An impulse buy - after reading the manual I realize it will take a bit of work to make it function in the audio only, stereo only environment I plan to use it on.

    For starters will need a way to get an HDMI monitor close to the rig to configure the player - ugh - but that is the least of my problems. Since again, audio only, stereo only, I have no space or a place for the monitor - yes I have runeaudio based player, but never needed a monitor so far, but that should be a one time thing.

    Or is it? - guess that is my first question - if anybody has any experience with something like this, is configuration a one time only?

    Second is for the settings themselves. Again, audio only, stereo only, so my guesses:

    Digital Out: Set it to LPCM 192/24 (going into a Schiit Modi Multibit)
    Analog Audio out: Use only front left and front right
    SACD preference: Stereo
    SACD output: DSD (does not go to digital output, this is so is not converted to PCM - it goes from DSD to analog)
    DVD-Audio prefence: DVD-Audio
    Speaker Placement: Everything off but Front left and Front right. Guess should completely make sure Subwoofer is off
    Speaker Configuration: Stereo, Large speakers Front left and front right, everything off, so player does not try to filter out the bass
    Downmix: Stereo
    Dynamic Range Control: Off
    HDMI Audio: Off
    HDCD Decoding: On ( have a couple of HDCDs)
    Secondary Audio: Off
    Crossover: Leave at default, 80Hz

    I kind of regret this - my OCD is gonna make me worry all the time the settings go back to default and specially make me lose my bass.

    Anybody have any experience with something like this ? Any other caveats? Do you lose your settings often?

    Thanks so much in advance.



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  2. olderroust

    olderroust AK Member

    286 miles south of arcata
    The good news is, if you have an android device, the Oppo Media Control app on that device will let you do most configuration tasks - all of the audio settings, for instance - without a monitor.

    There is an ios app as well; I haven't used it so I can't speak to it, but it ought to be equally useful.

    I run my 103 headless all of the time lately, but even when it was talking to a TV, I generally used the media control app rather than the remote to make adjustments - I didn't need to switch back over to the player interface to change the mode from 2.0 to 2.1, for instance. It's helpful when running media through rather than from the Oppo, and less visually distracting when playing media from it as well.

    Currently I'm only using two channels - things like telling the oppo "no subwoofer" are very easy with the app.

    I can't remember losing my settings.

    Something else that the player does pretty well - if you have a collection of digital files, you can use DLNA to create playlists to play on the 103.

    The big gotcha with the 103 - it often needs an active preamp. I've used it straight into a power amp, and at low volumes on the 103 you could hear the noise floor (the volume control is a digital volume control, and once you start dropping the volume, you're losing bit depth and thus dynamic range.) I also tried running into an integrated with a passive preamp stage, and find that the current setup - an integrated with a conventional preamp stage - sounds best. (Apparently the 105 really can be used without a preamp.)

    I can't give you much guidance on SACD playback - but you should be able to fiddle to your heart's content monitor free.
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  3. Bill Ferris

    Bill Ferris Super Member

    NE. FL.
    FWIW. my 103(now relegated to 24/7 digital music playing outputting via the S/PDIF coax) all the menu settings stay set even when I`ve unplugged it and moved to different location after extended power off/disconnect time..

    It was my main player for CD`s, BR, DVD`s, SCAD, and thumb drive utilizing all outputs, except surround analog jacks for nearly 6 years until early last year when I upgraded to the OPPO ULD-203 for direct 4K projector viewing..

    For all that I`ve ever asked of it, it has performed better than I could have wished for, even it`s internal DAC is high quality IMO/E.

    As it`s run now, with a front inserted WAV. music filled flash drive, I have a 14" HDMI input TV/monitor setting on top(also running 24/7) to see what`s playing, if I`m curious, since it runs in the shuffle/random/repeat mode, or to reset my personal flash drive playing settings after loading in more ripped WAV. music in the flash drive from a music only lap top..

    If I correctly recall, the S/PDIF coax/optical output resolution is limited when playing SCAD`s, where you get the full meal deal through the HDMI output, or the analog L/R output jacks..

    The best sound I ever heard from it was BR DVD Pure Audio outputted via the menu selected HDMI audio only jack # 2 to my Integra A/V preamp feeding my tri-amped Mac amp/speaker main living room system.

    I`ve kept mine firmware updated over the years, via the WiFi dongle that came with it.

    Your menu settings seem to be the same as mine..
  4. vmartell

    vmartell Active Member

    Thanks everyone for your input - my OP was a bit unclear, but yeah, I was requesting a double check on those settings and that I got - thanks to Bill Ferris and olderroust.

    Fantastic news re: the app - not sure what version of the manual I have, had no reference to it - guess first thing is to update the FW and try it - seems ideal to double check things are set for stereo usage.

    Indeed, when playing SACD I plan (and expected) to use the analog outputs - not sure about Bluray Audio - from the manual I kind of understood, Bluray audio is not full resolution on the digital outputs - are you able to output 192/24 from BD-Audio on the digital outputs?


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  5. Bill Ferris

    Bill Ferris Super Member

    NE. FL.
    Sorry to not be able to confirm about BR Pure audio via digital output, if you mean S/PDIF coax/optical, as I never thought about checking because when playing that type disc it(the 103 & now the 203) I was feeding the signal via # 2 HDMI audio only output into the Integra that is set for direct(no processing) decoding and in my setup no video what so ever goes through the audio only Integra..

    The BR Pure audio music discs menu usually allow for various selections of data stream selection playback, and it`s often 3 types to be selected, and if I recall one of them is often 192/24..
    I guess some experimentation on your part, unless some one else on this site has already looked into this and can guide you..

    As always, trust your ears, and OPPO provides the latest owner manual`s update that are updated ref: FW update/s..
    Good luck Sir.

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