Optonica Tuner Clean Up

Discussion in 'Tuners' started by atomic drftr, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. atomic drftr

    atomic drftr New Member

    Hello Audio Community!

    I just acquired an Optonica ST-1616, it's pretty dirty and has some scratches in the aluminum face and a couple abrasions on plastic dial cover. It also has some lights out. Does anyone have any ideas for polishing the plastic dial cover and aluminum face? Is there a recommended bulb supplier and type you can recommend? Are these bulbs difficult to replace? I also looked at the previous post on cleaning a tuner that I will be following.




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  2. RanDibble

    RanDibble New Member

    West Michigan
    "abrasions on plastic dial cover"

    Ya, I do it all the time.

    Depending how deep the scratch is I start with a find wet/dry paper, be conservative here. A little effort foes a long way and a TO HEAVY of grit can get you in trouble.

    These materials will last a very log time and keep you polishing for years.

    1. Tape off the area. a slip can cause problems. Masking tape a $2.00.
    2. 2000 grit wet/dry paper and work the specific scratch.buy good quality cost a few bucks.
    3. 3000 grit polishing cloth, expensive 7-12 dollar but last for a long time. Find them at car parts stores.
    4. Plastx by Meguiars, 7-8 dollars, a rubbling compound designed for plastic, it works on smart phone screens as well. It's very popular.

    I do it while watching the Evening news

    Remember this is a Art form, go slow and carefully.

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