Pairing a Sansui 9090 with Paradigm Series 60? Or new speakers?

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by DM2004, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. DM2004

    DM2004 New Member

    I am guessing it's not always the best idea to pair new speakers with a "vintage" receiver buuuuut... I have a Sansui 9090 receiver recently rebuilt by a reputable source. I very much want to get tower speakers that will work well with its power, as my current Definitive Technology BP6Bs are way to weak to drive it. The speakers do not sound good, at times very muted, even when I have switch them from right to left.

    I listen almost entirely to vinyl and my budget for speakers is $2000 or less. I do not know the ins and outs of everything on the market but I have been doing some research. A store near me is selling floor model Paradigm Series 60 speakers for a few hundred below retail, according to my research. (Clearly they want to move this last unit to focus on the Prestige sales…) I like what I have heard about them but do not know how they will pair with an older receiver. I also found a pair of monster Kef towers that will likely sound great but they are way too big for my space and they’re ugly, so they are a distant second. I am open to vintage speakers that pair well with the Sansui but finding a trustworthy reputable seller is not easy and there’s always the risk of needing to repair it in the future. So right now I am leaning towards the Paradigm but would love to hear your thoughts. Is there anything in particular that would pair well with the Sansui, old or new? Anything I should be cautious about?

    Clearly my overall system is not high end but I like it and I will upgrade the whole system eventually… Thanks


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  2. Hipocrates

    Hipocrates Anti-Muppet

    Costa Rica
    My sansuis works very well with Kef R series, maybe you can find an used R500 or R300... I'm not a big fan of vintage speakers per se
  3. absolve2525

    absolve2525 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I really enjoyed the combo of my 9090 and now vintage(ish) Energy bipolar speakers. They're Canadian, like Paradigm, with aluminum tweeters. I think you'll enjoy Paradigm with the warmth of the 9090.
  4. jimhannon

    jimhannon Member

    Quincy, Ca.
    My Sansui 9090 sounds great hooked to my JBL L96's and also my Paradigm Monitor 9's. I love my Sansui's!

    VYNULADIKT AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Northeast Iowa
    I haven't had a speaker that didn't sound as good or better with my 9090's than most other receivers.
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  6. SpicySammich

    SpicySammich Active Member

    I have a 2000a running into Focal 807v's

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