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Parts interchangeability reference guide

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by psychoaudio, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. psychoaudio

    psychoaudio I didn't do it Subscriber

    Happy Friday everyone!

    Mike suggested I start a thread about this topic. The goal is to document parts that are swappable with other Mcitnosh models. Mike will make a sticky if it gains traction.

    I'll start with this:

    MR71 bottom cover is a direct swap to an MX110. Vent hole pattern is different but mounting holes are the same.

    Please ensure info you're sharing has been verified to work or indicate any modifications you did to make it work.

    Thanks in advance for participating and assisting the Mcitnosh community
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  2. clinic-audio

    clinic-audio all on YAMAHA untill 1990

    Top cover of C33, C34V, MR80 are the same
    bottom cover MC2120/2125/2150/2155 are the same
    bottom cover MC2200/2205 and MC2250/22555 are the same

    there is many other examples but I don't have them in mind right now
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  3. psychoaudio

    psychoaudio I didn't do it Subscriber

    Please update the thread when you recall other examples. Thank you for participating.
  4. psychoaudio

    psychoaudio I didn't do it Subscriber

    Let’s keep this going

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