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    I tried Volumio one time before and was not impressed. Hard to work with IIRC, difficult to load, too much work for what you got.
    It changed. A new offering was put up around Christmas. Version 2.
    I was playing last night, threw a small 90GB OCZ SSD in the trusty HP, and unzipped a fresh copy of Volumio to a USB stick using Win32 Disk Imager.
    Booted from the USB, took about 3 minutes. Volumio found the Fulla Schiit, and my external drive of music without prompting, and I was up and rolling within 5 minutes.
    Better than Daphile, IMO, in the sense that after boot, Daphile needs remote access for control. Volumio can be controlled either way, from the host PC or remote.
    Installing to the hard drive took about 10 minutes, as it formats the drive, but after, boot is FAST, about 40 seconds to GUI.
    Very slick interface, nice display of the library, and I haven't even begun to tweak or massage the GUI.
    All in all, a nice package, and certainly (now) worthy of consideration as a standalone free player.
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    In FLUX currently......
    Daphile is headless - that is why it is nice. Tried Volumio -never been impressed with it.

    Daphile took 2 minutes to load onto my HD, reboot, done.
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    PC as source play music and send it via WiFi to H96 Pro Plus media player who running KODI media player and send music thru optical cable to Onkyo receive who have 192 kHz/24-Bit DAC. Everything from start to end is sent as digital without loss in data. No one equipment before Onkyo receiver does not convert any data and sent all as passthrough.

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