PC audio set up advice.

Discussion in 'PCs & Music Servers' started by Hipocrates, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. Hipocrates

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    Greettings fellows
    I have a small wired 1GB network at home, with HTPC (W10/Kodi),PC workstation for work, File server, yada yada yada, (you get the idea).

    I totally forgot about an intel nuc that I had around, so I'm thinking to use it as an audio PC standalone player.

    ./ Remote app for android with nice UI
    ./ Remote app for windows PC
    ./ It will be playing mostly FLAC, OGG, mokey audio and mp3. so I don't care about streaming services or internet radio.
    ./ It will be connected to a bel canto ulink then to the DAC.
    ./ OS can be Linux, Windows 10 or Server the lighter the better.
    ./ Don't care about DLNA(that thing sucks),I like NFS, CIF, SMB.
    ./ want to set it up and forget.

    I use Jriver/wasapi usually to listen music with a keyboard, monitor and the whole thing to listen music, but I would like to update the set up.I've reading a about Daphile and Volumio, thought about kodi too

    So I wonder what some more advanced members think about it. What is preferred on this days and age. I would get a nice auralic, but I rather spend that kind of money fixing old gear, tools, parts, tubes and projects:rolleyes:

    So what do you think gents?
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  2. botrytis

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    Daphile - done.

    I use both Daphile and Jriver.
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  3. ldatlof

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    I set my system up many years before Daphile was created but I have basically the same setup. LMS and Squeezelite. Only I have them on separate machines instead of on the same machine like Daphile. Daphile will do everything you want and then some.
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  4. Hipocrates

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    Costa Rica
    Thanks fellows!:rockon:

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