Phone Scams Getting worse

Discussion in 'General Off Topic Forums' started by Beatnik, May 11, 2018.

  1. beat_truck

    beat_truck Super Member

    SW PA
    The BS calls haven't been too bad lately. One of the few that has been calling actually comes up as "SCAM" on the caller ID.:confused: Hey, at least they are honest, and I don't have to even think about answering.:D


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  2. Mitkraft

    Mitkraft Super Member

    FYI, in a situation like described in the OP it probably wasn’t DirecTV calling either. It was some DirecTV reseller. I don’t think a huge company like DTV would risk the litigation of pulling a pen illegal stunt like that. Not that they don’t do plenty of other shitty things.
  3. JediDude

    JediDude Active Member

    Ottawa, Ontario
    A number of years ago, before caller ID was prevalent, I answered the phone and got a sales pitch from an outfit called WeedMan. It went something like this:

    WM: Hi, this is Joe calling from WeedMan...
    Me: Sorry, did you say your name was Joe?
    WM Yes. Can I take
    Me: What happened to Frank?
    WM: Frank? I don't know. I'm not sure we ever had a guy named Frank working here.
    Me: That's strange. I used to buy all my weed from Frank. ANd now your calling me and mant me to buy your weed? Why whould I buy weed from some guy I"ve never met??????
    WM: Sorry sir, (chuckling) we don't sell weed, we sell lawn care services..
    Me: I know, I'm just messing with you and I'm not interested. <<click>>
  4. Ronald1973

    Ronald1973 8-trackin', Hank, Sr. man

    Steele, MO
    A few years ago I had some idiot call trying to sell me insurance. If I want insurance, I'll call my dad as he's in the insurance business. It was an unsolicited call, and I was busy at work. Poor little foreign guy. "Yes, sir, this here is Jed Clampett, and I'd shore be interested in some of that there inshorance yore sellin'! Granny was just a sayin' we needed to get some inshorance. Mr. Drysdale spoke highly of yore company! I thank I might want some of that there inshorance on Ellie and Jethro, too!!!" Click!!! They never called back again. :D:rockon::crazy:
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