Picked up a JVC vr-5535x

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by 50watts, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. 50watts

    50watts New Member

    off craigslist for $30. very clean..I had a Toshiba with a bad left channel I wrote about here a few days ago, well I storage that for now. This JVC one works:music:.

    Not much online about it, anyone here with any experience with JVC and that model or line of receivers, I think it's from 1974. Any speaker suggestions?

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  2. ryuuoh

    ryuuoh FFXIV Summoner Subscriber

    Marina CA, USA
    Nice looking medium power unit. Speakers would depend on your anticipated use.
  3. 50watts

    50watts New Member

    What? Did I buy a pinto or something? lol Is this receiver just not a conversation piece?
    If I can't get positive replies i'll take negatives, what wrong with it?
    The looks
    The components inside
    The sound (or lack of) quality
    It's a JVC

    I know it's just not here, not much on the web and last post here was back in 2008

    I even posted a picture, lol
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  4. timofred

    timofred I'm just a garbage man...

    Port Macquarie,NSW,Oz
    specs look good,
    listen to it and tell us if it has good sound quality.
  5. 50watts

    50watts New Member

    Right now I have it hooked up to JBL's N24, small bookshelf speakers in a small bedroom. Sound is very clear and warm(?), has lots of power. It even has a pre-out..and looks like Banana plugs...
  6. Binkman

    Binkman Addicted Member

    Raleigh, NC
    All in the ears.. sounds like an impedance match with your choice of speakers in that 'space'. enjoy... :D what good sound is all about.


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  7. Tom B

    Tom B AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Bay Ridge, Brooklyn New York
    JVC's of that era were sleepers. While they worked great, and had nice features like the SEA tone controls, they couldn't compete with the Sansui's and Pioneers of the time. I have my first stereo I bought while in Thailand at the BX. It was a JVC 4VR-5445 quad unit (with front and rear SEA equilizers). Except for some bad driver transistors in the early 80's it still works great. While I did do a restore on it a few years ago, it was and is still a great unit to have, plenty of power for normal use, and reasonably priced.
    While these units only produce ~25 to 30WRMS per channel, it is powerfull enough to provide sound for a Brooklyn Block Party as I did around 1977!!

    I actually have been using another 4VR-5445 that I picked up and restored a year ago at my beach club cabana and it is performing exceptionally well.
    Good luck with it
  8. Daunia 70

    Daunia 70 Lunatic Member

    Nice sounding receiver and fairly rare with it... I also own one!
  9. M.McQ

    M.McQ New Member

    Just picked one up for $25 at a garage sale. Needs a little cleaning but the veneer is about 8/10 and unit powers on with all working lights. Anyone ever come to a conclusion what a fair price for these are and what to expect out of it?
  10. Hak Foo

    Hak Foo Active Member

    I think the big issue is that they're a couple years early to be a super-powered unit, so people aren't as interested. It's probably pretty decent quality for its era.

    Because demand and power are low, it probably won't sell for a packet, but it should be an enjoyable unit to actually listen to.
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