Picked up this Vector Research V-5000 today. Service manual, experience?

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by AintBeenDead, May 7, 2014.

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    Well, no avail on the service manual. But the trim pots are not for offset adjustment anyway. I metered each post, and recorded the reading (put back if needed). R at 14.8 +/-, L at 16.4 +/- mV. I'd had 4/17 +/- offset L/R(no match there). Assuming it can only be bias, I figured a middle ground would be safest. Set both at 15.5. Both trimmed in, and held solid as a rock. Offset has evened out at 14/4 +/-, Yay!

    I gotta say, while I've only been at this less than two years, this is my definite winner of the Unknown/Underrated amp category. Everything is built like a tank (aside from flimsy plastic jack posts that almost everyone used back then it seems). Almost everything is metal to metal, even the plastic knobs are double-walled heavy duty knobs. It's military look, and build right down to the box diagram on top, are top notch. If this a budget unit, that's some damn fine budgeting then.

    I've owned two good Pioneers in the 40-45 range (use a SX-780 upstairs). I have a Yamaha CR-800 45wpc, and have had Kenwood, JVC, Onkyo, and Sony models of comparable era, and power rating. At least at 8-10 hours of listening, and in this room (smaller office), I like it better than all of them.

    It's two drawbacks are an overly aggressive Loudness circuit, and can really push highs too much if not curtailed. But it's also one of almost No receivers I've used that the tone adjustment is actually worthwhile. I leave most all other receivers flat for the most part. But tailoring Low, Mid, High on this guy actually makes quality sonic adjustments. The right combo of tone trim, and possibly the high pass filter, and it's incredible.

    I hooked to three sets of books last night, some Infiinty Ref Ones, Polk Monitor books, and CV Sat 6S. Holy Crap! It made all of them sound amazing. I actually have a guy coming over today who will likely be buying all of those, because I got sick of trying to find an amp that really made any of them punch, and sing at the same time. So it goes. Those CVs seemed like the biggest waste of mdf, and a nice tweeter I've ever heard on the three others I tried em' on. Now I might have to hold em' back because they even bested the Polks & Infinitys.

    I am currently using to them to drive my Altec Model 5s, and it making them sound better than either a Yamaha CR-1020, or my NAD 155 pre/Sony 55ES power amp combo, no horsesh*t. Everything is rich, and punches through with no distortion, warble, or the muddiness these guys can sometimes have.

    Vector Research, 10/10 in my book :thmbsp:

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    Maybe I did know what I was listening to back in the day. Congrats on finding just a clean example and glad you are enjoying it so much. I still hope to find one someday.
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    I have a VR 5000 that my friend's father gave to me for free about 15 years ago. I've lugged it around through four or five moves across the country, and it's sounded really great the whole time.

    It pushes a lot clearer and louder than any other receiver I've listened to, and still looks great.

    I wish there was more info on them, because I'd like to have it cleaned refurbished by a pro, and run it for as long as possible.
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    If you want to pay for a service manual try here.


    I've gotten a few from here with great results. Once I downloaded a service manual from here and it ended up being only the schematic. Contacted them and they refunded my money.
    I checked and it looks like they have the manual for the vr5000
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