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    SE Alaska
    "Aikau", is a pure bred Australian Sheppard that came to us as a rescue. A few facts that are relatively unknown about the breed. They are not from Australia. They are a very young American (and quite possibly Western Canada) breed that came about with the introduction of sheep in Montana and Wyoming in the late 19th century. They have been known by many different names and weren't even an "official" breed till the 1960's. Nobody is really certain why they came to be known as Australian Sheppards (Aussies). In the early days of sheep herding they had to protect their herds and ward off the predators of the day, often wolves. This may be folklore but I have heard it was the reason for originally bobbing their tails, so wolves had less to grab hold of. I have heard they sometimes wore leather around their necks for similar reasons.

    They are a working breed through and through, but also a lot of work for their owners as well, and not just the brushing! They need a lot of attention throughout the day, and a job to do as well. Ours has adopted security as his job, and anything that moves on the property, and overhead has his attention. We have lots of eagles and ravens flying overhead and he will give them a bark just to let them know they are being watched. He has to have daily walks and hikes. Somewhere he can run free, swim, etc and burn off all his excess energy. Keeps us getting exercise too no matter how crappy the weather happens to be. When it is his time of the day we go.. It is written in his contract!
    He finds culverts irresistible to go through. Rarely passes one up without at least checking it out..
    He has a LOT of hair, and can get completely filthy on a typical daily hike! We carry a pump up garden sprayer in the car and hose him down after..
    With all his hair he never gets cold, but sometimes in the night we have to let him out just to cool down..
    His toys are a big deal to him. Loves the squeakers the best! He has a box full of them and he is always finding more on his walks.

    He is my fishing buddy too! Loves to watch for the halibut to raise to the surface!
    SAM_1706 copy.jpg
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  2. meggy

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    Our newest doberman rescue Milo, politely asks to be scratched on the head and then goes "ahhhhh"...

    IMG_5567.JPG IMG_5569.JPG
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    Awesome Pictures!
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    San Diego
    Here's a couple of our critters:

    Gizmo fridge 002_desktop.jpg Gizmo sunning cropped.jpg Roscoe 2.JPG

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    I wish I could take them all home!
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    My younger son has an Australian shepherd... not quite as burly as that dude above, though. Had him over at the house for part of the day yesterday, so the cats were not as chill as in the pictures I posted above.

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    What a great thread! I love pet pics. The only thing better is knowing some of the story behind the pics.

    I've had Milo for 9 years this month. I got him from the local animal shelter. Milo was blind when I got him - one eye completely gone from the socket and the other appears to have been punctured. Possibly from a dog bite according to the vet that I took him to after getting him - he has old bite marks on his head. He cannot see anything - even bright lights. Milo is a 14 pound rat terrier - and very smart IMO. Best guess is he was 4-5yo at that time - so adding 9 years to that WAG by the vet and he's now getting old fast - 13-14yo. Bad enough to be blind but his hearing is sinking quickly - although IMO he has selective hearing at times! He's recently been put on Prozac for dogs! Yes - dogs can and do benefit from human drugs. It's likely something or some sound triggered bad memories in Milo. He has been just fine as long as I remember to give him his meds.

    Here he is - in his 'rightful' place! He loves to lay between my legs whenever I'm sitting in the recliner with the foot rest up.

  8. whyaskit

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    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    My other pet, Meep.

    The old girl is getting along but she is a big part of the family. Even Padme doesn't mess with her.


    Yeah. They get along pretty good.
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    IMG_0178.JPG IMG_1342.JPG This is Monte, he's a Pudelpointer and has a ton of personality.
  10. jami w.

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    New hampshire
    Roxy- purebred German shepherd, shes 5 yrs old fully trained as a working guard dog. Hand commands an voice commands +commands for attack, bite, stop attack

    Then theres jade- 8 yr old maine coon cat, who rules the house. Skills- sleeps, eats, uses litrer box ill add pics in a few mins

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  11. boza

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    My big baby.
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    south florida
    Gus going for a ride
  13. soundboy

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    The below photo is of Bogi, our family's Old English Sheepdog (OES). When we first got him at the age of 7 months old, he was already 60 lbs; we have never seen him as a tiny puppy. His father was a prize-winning show dog, so Bogi's previous owners had a lot of hopes for him. Unfortunately, Bogi kept growing....and he became "out of specs" as a potential show dog. Bogi became an extra mouth to feed. My sister was looking for an OES at the time and that's how we got Bogi. Not too long my sister purchased Bogi, she started having second thoughts about the responsibilities of owning a dog. After much discussion, Bogi started living with me....and he's been with me ever since.


    At one point, Bogi grew to almost 120 lbs. After changing to a better dog food (Blue Buffalo), he slimmed down. He's now at 102 lbs.


    Two weeks ago, Bogi celebrated his 11th birthday. As with every one of his birthdays, we had a party for him....

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Couch Queen. LOVES music and likes that sweet spot.Sometimes she'll lay her head right next to the left speaker. She a jazz girl.
    IMG_20170620_214558.jpg IMG_20170620_213235.jpg
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    Hamburg, NY
    Brothers Bentley and McDuff, 6 & 7
    CIMG3165.JPG Bentley watching.jpg Goodnight.jpg
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  16. Drugolf

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    This is Finley, our Sheltie. Today he joined me for a round of golf, paddled with us on both the kayak and board, and froliced in the Teton River. He's now zonked out at the foot of the sofa. 0702170839.jpg
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    ra 006.jpg

    These three ducks visited me almost daily last year for a couple of months. (They never left the scene hungry...) Not actually pets of course, but... what can I say... I missed them when suddenly they stopped to appear...
  18. SuperjazzyJa

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    About 3 weeks after getting separated from the x-wife, I picked up these 2 from the Petsmart at 281 & Bitters in San Antonio. A little over a year later, I had to return them when I left the house as I couldn't bring them along. :( I think I'm going to miss them for a long, long time.
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  19. 75Center

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    2015-03-19 10.22.11.jpg

    No they are not spoiled!
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    Prescott, Arizona
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