Pictures of Vintage GM cars!

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    A rocks throw from JBLM !!!!
    Makes an old fanatical mechanic car builder remember so much while I literally lay here with a broken back. My favorite build was putting a 409 in a '64 Nova SS. It was a good build cause a 409 is just a few inches wider than a small block and less than fifty pounds heavier than a 350. For suspension and brakes....everything from a '64 Nova wagon. I creep on the cheap. Yah, a dual quad 427 has 435 hp, a dual quad 409 has 435 at allot less weight and in a late seventies Nova...get out of here ! Putting a small block Ford 351 (from a Ford Ecoline van) UT-10 4-speed (from a Mustang) into a Mercury Comet cause the car holds the road better than a Mustang. Found an ugly '65 Dodge Cornet SS 413 car and slapped the 440 head/tri-power intake combo getting 450hp, the 413 has a forged crank good for an 8000 RPM redline after installing an oil cooler, then the car was so light and handled well....hated selling it !!!
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    1986.jpg chevelle.jpg chevelle 2.jpg this is my 72 Malibu ive had since 1985
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    Engine in my '67 Nova. Nothing exotic.

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    When I got out of the military in `70, I bought a friend`s `66 Pontiac Grand Prix, it had a 421 HO (High Output, with increased compression, bigger heads, and tri-power, it put out lots of torque). Had a 4-speed, and a 3.42 Posi out back. It was pretty quick for a big boat :) (Wish I still had it, it`s probably worth a small fortune these days)

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    The only new car my folks ever bought was a '59 Pontiac Catalina wagon. FULLY loaded. Had a 389 w/tri-power. Those big Indians could haul the mail even though they were big cars. They also could drink gas like no bodies business too.

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