Pictures of Vintage GM cars!

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    I've owned a few GM cars over the years, most notable were a couple of ones from a long time ago
    70 442, and a 70 GTO owned back in the late 70's.
    For the more current notables I have a 71 Cutlass S post coupe with 32k original miles, all original car
    never been painted 350 4bbl auto. The other is a 77 Camaro Z28, 55k original miles repainted once, all
    original sheet metal 300 hp goodwrench crate motor and factory 4 speed. Tara homecoming and 77 Z28 017.jpg Tara homecoming and 77 Z28 018.jpg Tara homecoming and 77 Z28 019.jpg Tara homecoming and 77 Z28 020.jpg
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    Never been much for Camaro's but that one is pretty nice. Now that Olds is something that just floats my boat. I've always been a sucker for post cars and I'd love to own a nice GM A-body 2 door post some day. The only way your Olds could be nicer in my mind is if it had a Muncie 4 speed. Bravo on a nice pair of cars. In good weather I'm fortunate enough to cruze around in my somewhat rusty, beaten, all original 67 Belair four door sedan gramma's car. it's nothing special but I like driving it with the 283/glide combo.
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