Pioneer CT-7R deck belt replacement

Discussion in 'Tape' started by corpblues, Jul 12, 2018.

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    Quick post to share some helpful information on belt replacement.

    I bought a Pioneer CT-7R at an estate sale but they did not have a cassette tape for me to test it. Of course it did not work when I got it home... The symptom was it would play at super fast speed. Opened it up and the belt was melted.

    Cleaning the melted belt goo took a while. Windex is the magic solution for cleaning off the old melted belt.

    This was a tedious belt replacement. Had to be very diligent on disassembly and reassembly for it to work properly. Be slow and careful and do not force anything. The wires are very tight, so several of the zip ties must be cut, so have some ready for the reassembly.

    After reassemply the head reverse was sticking, but a bit of cleaning and tiny drop of oil and the head now changes directions smoothly.

    I bought the belt from because it came with full instructions.
    The instructions were excellent and greatly helped me repair it properly. Thanks Joe!

    It now works and sounds great! A deck worth restoring in my opinion.


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