Pioneer CT-F9191 suddenly stops

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by MAV, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. MAV

    MAV New Member

    I have a Pioneer tape recorder CT-F9191. Everything works great, fast FF and REW etc. There are new straps as well. But play it stops suddenly after about 1 min. have tested with new cassettes and cleaning heads but same results. Could there be any component / transistor that needs to be replaced? someone has any good ideas where i can troubleshoot.



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  2. nj pheonix

    nj pheonix AK Subscriber Subscriber

    New Jersey
    I'm the blind leading the blind here so take it for what it's worth.
    Somehow the deck monitors motion so it will stop when tape is over. My thought is , it thinks the tape has stopped.
    . So I'd look at the auto stop circuit mechanism.
    I'm sure someone who works on these can narrow that for you.
    To the uninitiated (that would be be).
    I'd look for something worn, not moving, moving intermittently.(I'm thinking dried out rubber or something needing To be cleaned and lubed) Baring something obvious , might be tired caps in that circuit.:dunno:
    Rule out the obvious first
  3. markthefixer

    markthefixer On Hiatus, dealing with Dad's estate full time Subscriber

    first deoxit the tape movement sensor which is a pair of switch contacts on the outside of the transport.
    purple and yellow wires if my memory serves me. pins 17 and 19 of the RWG-048 control assembly below the "piano keys".

    C807 in the circuit is the dreaded CSSA guaranteed failure by shorting out, sky blue sanyo capacitors.
    The contacts can get pretty bad and still work, due to the nature of the circuit they are in.

    but first watch to be sure the tape movement sensor IS moving!! Belts and tires can fail too.
  4. MAV

    MAV New Member

    Thank you for the advice. I try to clean the switches and try to replace the C807. I need a magnifying glass :) regards /Mathias



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