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Pioneer Dates of Manufacture

Discussion in 'Pioneer Equipment Database.' started by Dr. Strangelove, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. Dr. Strangelove

    Dr. Strangelove Super Member

    To determine the date of manufacture of your Pioneer component, look at the serial number. The first two characters will give you the year and month of manufacture. The first letter is the year, the second letter is the month. For example, taking into consideration the age of the equipment:

    ZA would be 1979, January
    YL would be 1978, December
    KK would be 1964, November

    1st			2nd
    Char	Year	Year	Char	Month[/b]
    A	1954	1980	A	January
    B	1955	1981	B	February
    C	1956	1982	C	March
    D	1957	1983	D	April
    E	1958	1984	E	May
    F	1959	1985	F	June
    G	1960	1986	G	July
    H	1961	1987	H	August
    I	1962	1988	I	September
    J	1963	1989	J	October
    K	1964	1990	K	November
    L	1965	1991	L	December
    M	1966	1992
    N	1967	1993
    O	1968	1994
    P	1969	1995
    Q	1970	1996
    R	1971	1997
    S	1972	1998
    T	1973	1999
    U	1974	2000
    V	1975	2001
    W	1976	2002
    X	1977	2003
    Y	1978	2004
    Z	1979	2005
    Not all Pioneer components followed this rule. For example, the Pioneer SE-700 headphones had a two letter prefix, but did not follow the table above. For these components, it is rumored they were made by another company, possibly Azden or Stax, for Pioneer.

    But, generally speaking, most all of Pioneer's components from 1954 followed this table.

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