Pioneer Elite PDF-19 Disc Changer Problem

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by NewKidInTown, Nov 26, 2018.

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    In playing this unit, I discovered the Right speaker is not audible, only the left. I tried the following:
    Checked wire connections from speakers to back of my amp
    Checked wire connections on back of speaker
    Switched speaker connections from Set A to Set B
    Switched out the Right speaker with another

    After these experiments, nothing changed.

    Then I played a cd in my other player(connected to the same amp), and have normal sound from all speakers.

    So...this leads me to believe something is wrong with my Pioneer Elite PDF-19 work horse.

    Any ideas of what is wrong, and would it be an expensive fix(I do not have the skills or know how, so I would have to send for repair). Is it even worth it at this point? Makes me sad, but looking for suggestions on what the problem may be?


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