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Pioneer M-22 Rebuild

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by darkhawk22, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. darkhawk22

    darkhawk22 New Member

    Acworth, GA
    Hey Guys,

    I've just purchased an M-22 and it's in great condition for the age. It works well but cuts out on the right channel at low volume. I'm going to do a recap of the boards and replace the switching relays. I've ordered most of the caps but i need some help crossing the ASR-025 and ASR-026 Relays? Any help appreciated. There is a guy on eBay that does rebuilds on these so i sent him an inquiry to see what relays he uses but have not heard anything back yet.

  2. rcs16

    rcs16 Super Member

    Baldwin, Ontario, Canada
    Do not assume that a component is faulty unless you measure or test signals through it. I do not recommend Crap-shoot troubleshooting to determine which comp to change.
    This does not sound like a relay or an ecap problem. Try cleaning the pot with deoxit and follow up with fader lube to see if that solves the vol control problem.
  3. pustelniakr

    pustelniakr Silver Miner at Large Subscriber

    Tucson, AZ
    Recapping is NOT a repair operation. It is done after a unit is fully functional.

    Speaker protection relay contacts could need some work, or there might be a fractured solder joint.

    Rich P
  4. slimecity

    slimecity Super Member

    New Zealand
    I've just done a lot of work getting my M22 running again - and Jeromach (another member here and on diyaudio) has completely rebuilt an M22.

    I'd agree look at the relays first for those symptoms. Next on the list would be to replace the 2SA798 input pairs as these were causing lots of chaos in my M22. Replace these with a hfe-matched pair of 2SA992s per side.

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