PIONEER M22 Class-A Amp.....80 Mv DC Offset?... Can This Be Right?.. HELP!

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by anthony28, May 26, 2011.

  1. anthony28

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    PIONEER M22 Class-A Amp.....+80mv DC Offset?... Can This Be Right?.. HELP!

    Hi everyone, Well I picked up a nice Pioneer M22 class-a amp and was told by the previous owner that it's bias and dc offset hadn't been checked for a long time. I downloaded the service manual and it states for the bias to be 850mv and for the dc offset to be +80mv. The bias on both channels untouched was around 848-850mv stable after about a 1/2 hour which seems good so I left it alone.
    NOW here's where I am confused.......Without touching the DC offset it was around 2-5mv on each side which would be ok if the service manual called for 0v but instead it calls for +80mv! Can this be good/right? Do I need to go that high? :scratch2: Keep in mind this is a 30x30 watt "all" class-a Amp. Please help...
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  2. Bigears

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    Congrats on the new amp. The DC offset is 0, the SM is wrong.
  3. anthony28

    anthony28 Active Member

    Thanks! it between 0-1mv for each this is a very responsive amp when adjusting!! Pioneer really did good with this build...:music:
  4. mshari

    mshari New Member

    My little experience in electronics.
    I have a leading power amp pioneer M22 there is high heat of displacement 850-vr1 vr2 What is the method of weighing
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