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Discussion in 'Turntables' started by AndrewSkewes, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. AndrewSkewes

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    Someone near me is selling a PL-A450B which looks very similar to the PL-520, but black? The only info I can find online about the A450B is in Filipino or Russian, does anyone know more about the table? Any idea on value? The front of the table reads (in English) "PIONEER FULL AUTOMATIC DIRECT DRIVE STEREO TURNTABLE MODEL PL-A450B"

    EDIT: Some more info translated from Japanese.

    DD full auto player which improved usability by concentrating the operation part on the front panel. It adopts DC servo · Hall motor using Hall element, achieving high SN ratio and excellent rotation accuracy. S-shaped arm is adopted as a tone arm. A dedicated motor is adopted for the arm drive during the auto operation, and it prevents influence on the rotation of the turn table. MM type cartridge is equipped. Oil dump elevation which can also manually operate is carried. Newly developed insulator is equipped.

    Rating of model
    Model: Record player
    motor: Brushless DC servo hole motor
    Turntable: 33 cm aluminum die-casting
    Rotation frequency fine adjustment range: ± 2%
    Uneven rotation: 0.03% or less (WRMS)
    S / N: 70 dB or more (DIN - B) 60 dB or more (JIS)
    Tone arm: Static balance S shape
    cartridge: MM type
    Accessory mechanism: Dedicated motor use full auto
    External dimensions: Width 460 × height 171 × depth 397 mm
    weight: 8.4 kg

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  2. revox-b77

    revox-b77 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Fingerlakes, NY
    No personal experience, but it looks to be a quite capable table. Specs look very good too.
  3. gary7

    gary7 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Huntsville, AL
    Looks to be a black version of the PL-520 I had. Not a bad table, very distinct design. Only issue might be getting replacement parts if needed.
  4. Balifly

    Balifly Listening Subscriber

    Vancouver, B.C., Canada
    What is the intended voltage for that turn table ? :idea:

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