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    The following links are to restoration projects:

    pustelniakr: Restoring a Pioneer RT-909 Reel-to-Reel

    pustelniakr: Restoring a Pioneer PL-630 Turntable

    pustelniakr: Pioneer CT-F800/900/950/1250 Reel Motor Rebuild

    pustelniakr: Recapping a Pioneer CT-F900 Cassette Deck

    pustelniakr: Rebuilding a Pioneer CT-F900 Transport

    pustelniakr: Recapping a Pioneer CT-F1000 Cassette Deck

    240 Volts: Pioneer SX-1010 Restoration

    Irdrage: Pioneer SA-9500 face plate restoration

    rulerboyz: Pioneer A-7 Recap and Restoration:

    pustelniakr: Pioneer SA-9100 Fix for Most False Protection Errors:

    pustelniakr: Packing a Pioneer PL-630 for Safe Shipment:

    1mike161: Correcting Display Instability and Speed Issues: DT Timers:


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