Pioneer SX-780- "Out in the wild"

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by Arthur Smith, Jul 13, 2018 at 7:31 AM.

  1. Arthur Smith

    Arthur Smith Well-Known Member

    Is the Pioneer SX-780 maybe the most common Silver Era Pioneer receiver found in thrift stores, online auctions, on the used market. etc? I have noticed a sharp decrease in asking and sold prices on eBay on this set, yet, when I read overviews of desirable vintage receivers, this one is always at or near the top of the list.


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  2. Watthour

    Watthour Electron Rancher - JS3600

    They were very popular due to price point, features, and performance. As a result, a LOT of them sere sold, and many of those are still around.

    Their weaknesses are well known, and there are ways to resolve those weaknesses, but some of them are not easy, and are beyond the scope of many repair shops.
  3. cwh

    cwh AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Oakland, Ca.
    Sign of things to come? 780 could be the vintage audio barometer. Keep an eye on Marantz 2238b prices, if they nose dive it's fire sale time.

    They're nice units. Aesthetically pleasing, decent sounding. I had an untouched one down in the workspace driving a pair of EPI 200s. Having loud magical moments until I pulled the 780 for a rebuild.
  4. OfficeMax

    OfficeMax Member

    The 780 was my first audio purchase when I was in high school. I think I paid approx $300 for it brand new. I loved it.
  5. Dave1384

    Dave1384 Stuck in the 70's

    Suburban Philadelphia
    One of these Arthur?

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