Pioneer SX-780 Stereo LED doesn't work (LED is good?)

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by Raccoon1400, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Watthour

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    What is the voltage on Pin 8 of the PA1001 when you believe it is in stereo?


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  2. avionic

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  3. Watthour

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  4. Raccoon1400

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    0.18V when in stereo, 2-3.5V when not in stereo, 5.6V when other input selected.

    It is definitely in stereo. Does your theory about the MPX being off outside the chip assume I am wrong about it being in stereo?
  5. Watthour

    Watthour Electron Rancher - JS3600

    I wanted you to verify that the muting input was changing state. There was a chance that the switching circuit could have been a problem.

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