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Pioneer SX 828 recapped - Relay click on and off

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by havols, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. havols

    havols Active Member

    Manaus, Brazil
    I've been listening thesx-828 for a long time
    It is perfect. I have listened for 2 ... 3 hours uninterrupted, and without any problem.

    But, I have to think the phono section of it a little noises ... it is not clear.
    It may be my impression, or I'm strange, since I've been listening my Lps in tube fisher and scott amps ...

    I have found the vinyl sound very bright ... very sharp ... on sx 828
    Maybe it's the caps and transistors I used in....
    I used common EPCOS electrolytic capacitors, and BC 547 series transistors in the phono section, to replace the 2sc458.

    I just changed these components.
    Should I change the capacitors for some better, like panasonic or Nichicon of some specific series? Should I exchange the BC547 for some better less noisy? Wish i upgrade other component?



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  2. boatdrinks77

    boatdrinks77 Well-Known Member

    Colorado Springs, Co.
    I have used Fairchild KSC1845FTA to replace 2sc458 -- they seem to work well. Dan :music:
  3. WE6C

    WE6C Well-Known Member

    Colfax, Northern California
    Make sure you don't upset the RIAA.

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