Pioneer SX-V90/SX-V900: WOW!!!!

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by vintagestereo, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. 240 Volts

    240 Volts Strange, yet oddly normal

    West Yorkshire, UK
    Vintage, no arguments from me about the looks of the KR-9050 - I think it's one of the best looking receivers around :thmbsp: - and I've been looking to buy a KR-9600 for ages but just can't find one here in the UK. :tears: You guys in the States are so lucky, both with the choice of units available and the relatively low prices compared to the UK.

    - Richard B.


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  2. crooner

    crooner Tube Marantzed

    San Diego, CA
    mmm courage? That's what was needed to run vintage tube amps with 500 volts on the plates. A fire extinguisher nearby was a must. Been there, done that. :D

    The SX-1980 is very reliable as long as you don't abuse it. Everything's got a breaking point, trust me...

    When I got the SA-1000 you offered to buy my SX-1980. Change of heart? Decisions, decisions.... :D

    For the record, the SX-1980 is not for sale!
  3. vintagestereo

    vintagestereo Addicted Member

    Yeah -- But you guys have your own select group of very interesting gear to pick from, espcially all the German stuff and the early Quads!
  4. vintagestereo

    vintagestereo Addicted Member

    That was a diffent time. My collecting interests have taken a different path. Since you seem to be having good luck with yours, it's best to hang onto it as long as possible. I've just seen too many busted units on E-Bay...and, "back in the day", they were know to have problems, especially with overheating. The SX-1280s also had a similar problem, but not as bad. I seem to recall the SX-1010 also had heating problems, but the SX-1250 seems to have been done right.

    If you ever want to part with your SX-5590, keep me in mind. That's one I'd love have. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!!!! :thmbsp:
  5. radioshack71

    radioshack71 New Member

    Still have the Kenwood KR-1000 Galaxy Commander ? Wanna $ell It? :jump::bowdown::rockon::rflmao::music:
  6. gkhashem

    gkhashem Active Member

    Webster, NH
    You think so after 11 years and 3 months or so??

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