Pioneer sx1010 troubles

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by Oscar23, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Oscar23

    Oscar23 New Member

    Well I finally got to finishing up the amp board.powered it on and the d2 diode glowed bright red and smoke. I changed the diodes and all transitors on the board and it's still railed DC offset is reading 7v. Can't figure out why. Parts changed on board
    awh-032 Q1 2SA726 512-KSA992FBU
    awh-032 Q2 2SA726 512-KSA992FBU
    awh-032 Q3 2SA726 512-KSA992FBU
    awh-032 q4 2sb528 ksa1220 / ksa1381
    awh-032 Q5 2SC1451 512-KSC3503DSTU / KSC2690?
    awh-032 Q6 2SC1451 512-KSC3503DSTU
    awh-032 q7 2sd358 ksc2690
    awh-032 q8 2sb528 ksa1220
    awh-032 q9 2sc1448 ksc2073
    awh-032 q10 2sa740 ksa940
    awh-032 q11 2sc945 512-KSC1845FTA
    awh-032 q12 2sa733 512-KSA992FBU
    awh-032D2 1S2473 512-IN4148
    awh-032 D7 1S1885 512-UF4004
    awh-032 D8 1S1885 512-UF4004

    awh-032 VR1 2.2K multi T 652-3296P-1-202LF
    awh-032 VR2 470 ohms 1T 652-3386H-1-501LF
  2. zebulon1

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    Las Vegas Nevada
    It's a pain at first but your going to have to check all the resistors for value.
    Are you using the DBT?
  3. Oscar23

    Oscar23 New Member

    Yes I am 100 watt bulb should I get I bigger one
  4. LWB

    LWB AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    100 watt bulb is fine. Somewhere, you have a nasty short. Believe me, I feel for you! Check every trace, every component on the amp board. Do yourself a favour and always power up after new work ONLY through the DBT.

    Bright to begin,
    and when the light dims,
    it's ok to start,
    be still my poor heart.

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