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Discussion in 'The Klipsch Korner' started by kink56, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. kink56

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    Just wondering how other people think on this matter. Placing various Heritage speakers to optimized the bass response is most of the time not the best placement for imaging and soundstage. Way back before I even knew about the concept of imaging and soundstage, I placed my Klipsch speakers in the corners to get the most bass. That was 40 years ago!

    Now I place my Klipsch (or any other speaker for that matter) where I get the best 3-D soundstage and specific location imaging results. That means my bass extension is not optimized. No matter though, I have a stereo pair of subwoofers for that.

    So, what is YOUR priority when it comes to speaker placement. Could be one of the two I mentioned or it could be some other priority entirely.


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  2. twiiii

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    west Texas
    Every one is so wound up with the last inth of definition they have for gotten what natural reproduction of a performance sounds like. Even natural flat accurate bass will mask mid range and lower midrange sounds. That said I realize Klipsch, Bozaks, Large Altec and JBL have placement issues. I place my speakers up against walls spaced for the smoothest staging from left to right and then voice the speaker to give the spectral balance I find most natural and depth to the staging. You can always add a db or two or subtract a little to get the definition you desire. But pulling a speaker away from a wall just kills the the lowest octave and introduces more spurious reflections. Remember music is built from the bottom up in cord structures not from the top down. No fundamentals and the sound is false. I also realize Heritage and other older speakers LF drivers produce a lot of harmonic distortion, which masks the sound. So if you take advantage of room gain to keep the modulation of the woofers low the over all sound will have less distortion after voicing the speakers. Of course you could buy speakers from Magico, and spend an equal amount on amps and room treatment and give up the natural dynamics of the Heritage speakers to gain lower distortion. To have Both DD67000.
  3. Ross6860

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    Canton, Ohio
    I find the opposite true. I prefer the speakers several feet off the back wall.

    Imaging and sound-stage are priorities. Fifteen-inch woofers and passive radiators give plenty of bass (Chorus II).

    Even speakers with "weak bass" (KEF 104/2, Yamaha NS-690ii) have plenty of bottom end for my taste. I get way too much room reinforcement in certain bass frequencies. I would rather have it more flat than peaky. My room is small (12' x 14'), so that probably has a big effect.
  4. kink56

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    Yeah, I shoot for best soundstage too. I have Forte I and Heresy to play with. Plus I have ENTEC subwoofers to take care of the bass anyway.
  5. JAK

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    Omaha Nebraska
    16x36 w/ a opening to another 14x30. Moved the speakers out and in to the corners. It enlarged my listening area considerably.

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